Discretionary Management Service

A partner you and your clients can trust
Investment managers will take care of everything associated with the running of your clients’ portfolios. This will include deciding the most appropriate blend of assets, monitoring risk and dealing and administration.

This full-time management gives your clients reassurance that their investments are in expert hands and allows you to focus on other areas of your business knowing that you are meeting your regulatory requirements under MiFID.

An investment service driven by results
Our Discretionary Management Service gives your clients access to a broad universe of investment assets. These range from equities and bonds to investment funds and hedge funds, underpinned by the added benefit of institutional teams.

A personal approach that adapts to your clients’ needs
We recognise that building a strong working relationship with you is key to providing an excellent service. This personal approach is mirrored in the way we will manage investing on your clients’ behalf.

Our aim is to build bespoke solutions that are tailored to each of your clients' specific needs and aspirations. For this reason, every investment manager has the autonomy to manage your clients’ portfolios as he or she deems appropriate within the parameters of your clients' investment objectives and risk classification.

Impartial investment advice to meet your clients’ goals
Without ties to fund managers, banks or insurance companies, we are able to deliver an investment management service that is impartial. We can search across the financial market to find suitable assets and securities for your clients. This allows us to create investment portfolios tailored to each individual client’s circumstances and objectives.

Discretionary Management Service

BCE Limited’s Discretionary Management Service allows you to effectively outsource the day-to-day management of your clients’ portfolios, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best: developing client relationships and growing your business.

This service enables you to meet your regulatory responsibilities without the administrative burden of managing your clients’ portfolios, with direct access to your clients’ investment managers and a broad range of products and investment expertise.