• Alibaba and JD - The Next Generation of Global Logistics Leaders?
  • The second largest e-commerce provider is doing its part by establishing a unique strategic partnership with Walmart. In 2016, it bought Wal-Mart's Yihaodian local shopping platform. As of February 2017, Walmart has taken a 12.1% stake in the Chinese e-commerce provider.

  • Alibaba Ties Up With Big Logistic Firms To Cut Shipping Costs For Exporters
  • Alibaba is entering into a partnership with major logistics and transportation companies like UPS, FedEx, Maersk and DHL to bring down the costs of overseas shipping faced by smaller Chinese exporters, according to the Chinese retailer.

  • BCE Limited talks about asset and entity protection
  • Business owners work hard to accumulate personal wealth. The protection of that wealth must be a priority. Asset protection planning allows business owners to protect themselves from the claims of unsecured creditors such as those who may bring suit against their business. The failure to plan can result in the loss of both business and personal assets. Knowing the risks and how to minimize them is a strategic discussion that all business owners must engage in with their attorney and insurance agent.

  • How Good Investors Can Make Better Investment Decisions
  • Gut-feelings and emotions can lead investors astray in two ways: by entering into investments that are likely to hurt them, and by avoiding investments that are likely to help them. A growing body of research makes it clear that we humans are a lot less rational than we like to think we are when it comes to money.BCE Limited explains that investors can learn to use financial and behavioral knowledge to improve their decisions.