our investment philosophy

Our philosophy is value driven and long term, based on risk-control and active fund selection where possible. We do not believe in investing in any product we cannot conduct due diligence on nor understand how the investment returns are generated.

Our team is comprised of highly qualified individuals, all with relevant up-to-date knowledge who all specialise in particular asset classes and markets.

Through our investment approach, you may benefit from:

1. Transparency:

We believe portfolios should only hold investments where the source of the returns is clearly identifiable. By investing in assets where we can develop a detailed understanding of the underlying drivers of value, we help to protect your portfolio from hidden risks or costs.

2. Analysis:

We are driven by fundamental research. Our team of highly qualified analysts carry out detailed due-diligence on every prospective investment.

3. Diversification:

We seek to diversify your portfolio across and within asset classes to reduce volatility. Our focus on just four major asset classes (cash, bonds, commercial property and equities) allows us to proactively rotate portfolios towards those that we believe offer the best prospective returns.

4. Specialist investment management:

Investing predominantly via collective funds gives us access to those fund managers who have demonstrated their ability to add value. We build long-term, trusted relationships with our selected fund managers. This gives us deeper insights into a manager’s likely performance at any given point in the business cycle.

5. Active investing:

We believe that investment markets offer opportunities at both the asset allocation and fund selection level and we actively flex portfolios to enable you to capitalise on these.

6. Value investing:

We analyse asset classes and individual investments with a view to ensuring your portfolio is weighted towards assets that are attractively valued and away from those that we believe are fully valued. By not being tied to an index, we are afforded the opportunity to generate superior returns.