Not being able to work, being incapacitated, suffering a life changing illness, or death can have a major impact on a family’s well-being. Different types of insurance can provide cost effective ways of ensuring your plans remain in place. Insurance is an extremely useful tool that is often the easiest, cheapest way to protect your family and business interests.

While insurance is easy to access, good protection planning to identify the right mix of different insurance types and to neither under nor over-insure yourself, your family and your business is essential.

Any plan can go awry, but we can help you ensure that the outcomes you seek can still happen even if the unexpected takes place.

Protecting your family

Life assurance still remains an extremely practical and cost-effective way of protecting your family, particularly for families with young children when they may have accumulated less capital to fall back on.

Sudden illness or the death of a parent can be devastating for a family, both emotionally and financially. However, a range of insurance solutions exists to provide a cost-effective way of mitigating these risks.

A lump sum or regular income in the event of your death could be a great comfort. Or if you suffer a critical illness you may want a lump sum to help cushion the blow to the family’s finances. And should you become incapacitated and be unable to work, you may want cover in place to provide you with a replacement income.

We can work with you to establish a realistic and cost-effective family protection plan and explore how including life assurance in a trust might benefit your loved ones.

Protecting your business

The vast majority of private sector businesses in Asia are small to medium-sized enterprises. As a business owner you will be only too aware of how dependent its continued success can be on a small number of people and their skills and hard work.

Smaller businesses are particularly vulnerable to their owner-managers or a key sales or technical director becoming incapacitated, and ‘key man’ insurance can be crucial in protecting a business in the event that tragedy strikes.

Some business insurance policies are compulsory such as employers’ liability insurance if you have employees, and third party motor if you use motor vehicles. But you might also want to consider help with other areas of insurance such as financial security and medical assistance for you and your employees in the event of illness.

We work with our clients as both business owners and as private individuals with personal financial planning concerns. Understanding the way that your business and personal lives interact is important to us, particularly where business ownership structures may involve multiple family members.